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Neil Martinsen-Burrell

Independent Statistics Educator

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Statistics Help for non-Math People!

Students and Professionals who are not statistical experts often need to use statistics. Get help from an expert who not only knows statistics, but knows how to talk about it.

You don’t just need a robot or a computer program to spit out numbers, you need someone who can explain data collection and analysis with you!

Maybe you are a graduate student working on a dissertation and your advisor handed you a thick statistics book and told you to “just do it like this”…

Maybe you are a social worker whose boss told you to do a survey to help protect your agency’s funding…

Maybe you have spreadsheets full of data but no idea how to start telling a story with them…

Get statistics help from someone who doesn’t just do the numbers but knows how to explain it to you!

Dr. Neil Martinsen-Burrell is first and foremost a teacher. Whatever your needs, he will work with you to explain what is going on.